Anonymous: "hey! It's me from before asking about 'crazy horse'. Yeah i agree. Who knows, really, i'll still worship her nonetheless. have you seen her live? I saw her about a month ago and it was... well, words can't describe. I would come off anon but i dont have a tumblr account! ps I think the bit in No Angel where she goes "tell me do you wanna riiide" is really, really underrated. (it just came on shuffle hence why i'm saying this). Also i really liked your response on the whole 'cisgender' thing! X"

hey!! yes i’ve seen the mrs carter tour twice, she was amazing wasn’t she?? I swear watching why don’t you love me live gave me new life. yaaass i think no angel is actually one of the most underrated tracks of the album, so many people have told me they don’t like that song. her outfit in the vid is MEGAA. X

My bro bought some kale chips and they just look like weed lol


"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”
E.E. Cummings

my mums literally brought me up on non-stop xena warrior princess, so it’s no surprise i’ve turned out like this really is it

I’m just really emotional at the moment, I’m looking at pics of my cats and crying. I’m just gonna blame Gove for this idk

My babe just chilling


the story of my life
i stay at home
i’d drive all night
to stay at home

Top 5 reasons Mollie is badass


  1. She made fem soc and introduced me to feminism
  2. She smashes the patriachy on a daily basis over social media sites 
  3. She turned a girls doll into a man and they almost called the police
  4. She almost got excluded for writing a rap about a boy in her class who hit girls
  5. She’s a badass bitch. snm <3

omg this has made me quite emotional tbh, please marry me <3 

i did a bad thing, oops

Beyoncé for OUT Magazine (x)